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Realtor Services

We understand the difficulties of buying and selling property in North Central West Virginia which is why we would like to offer our services for the hard working realtors of this great state.

Investment Properties

Wildwood is specialized and prepared to help with all aspects of owning an investment property.  We are ready to help your client maximize their portfolio with thoughtfulness and preparation.


Have you ever had a customer fall in love with a property just to find out the inspection list is a mile long and potentially ending the deal?  Don't worry, Wildwood has your back & no closing list is too large or too small for us so be sure to reach out before time runs out!

Home Sweet Home

Doing it right, costs less than doing it over isn't just our business motto but it is something we live by especially when it comes to your clients home!  We have been in construction for over 15 years specializing in restoration the entire time. 

Be Sure To Ask About Our

Realtor Specials

As an extra incentive, Wildwood would like to offer a discounted hourly rate to all licensed Realtors!

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